LIVEDIFFERENCE policy meetings in Brussels   On 13th November 2014, the LIVEDIFFERENCE team visited Brussels and conducted a series of meetings to discuss how the research findings might be applied to inform existing policy and …Continue reading →


The Privatisation of Prejudice: Equality Legislation and Political Correctness in the UK published on 17th November The Living with Difference Research Programme is producing a series of twelve briefings which will be launched at regular intervals. Brief No.1 Inequality and Class Prejudice in an Age of Austerity in …Continue reading →


Final LiveDifference Conference 2014 The Future of Social Relations: rethinking prejudice and togetherness in times of crisis 21st-23rd May 2014, Cutlers’ Hall, Sheffield   In the 1990s J.K. Galbraith suggested that contemporary western societies …Continue reading →


AAG 2014, Tampa, Florida As well as presenting six research papers at the Association of American Geographers conference in Tampa, Florida in April 2014, the LIVEDIFFERENCE team also ran four a highly successful sessions. …Continue reading →


Public debate: ‘Are we becoming a more divided society?’ Wednesday 21st May 2014, Cutlers’ Hall, Sheffield In the 1990s Galbraith suggested that contemporary western societies were characterised by a ‘contented majority’ – who were economically successful and secure had …Continue reading →


International Women’s Day 2014 Panel What is the Future of Feminism? Nearly one hundred people from across the city of Sheffield and the University met to celebrate International Women’s Day on Friday 7 March 2014 …Continue reading →


LIVEDIFFERENCE Live Project Blog Check out what the architecture students have been up to, working on creating spatial interventions for creating meaningful contact (based on our research findings) at their blog, here:


Warsaw dissemination event LiveDiffrence team will hold a dissemination event for academics, researchers and ngos in Warsaw. The event will take place on Tuesday 15th of October, in a seminar room of Panstwomiasto …Continue reading →


The Mobile University lectures   Living with difference in Europe: Making communities out of strangers   Talk by Dr Ulrike M Vieten   The ‘Mobile University’ mini-lectures running on a route master bus in …Continue reading →


Collaboration with the Architecture School: LIVE Project In the autumn LIVEDIFFERENCE will be working with the Architecture School on a Live Project. Live Projects are real projects for real clients outside the School of Architecture that run …Continue reading →

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