Living with difference at the AAG Conference: Making communities out of strangers

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As well as presenting five research papers at the Association of American Geographers conference in Los Angeles this April, the LIVEDIFFERENCE team also ran a highly successful sesion titled ‘Living with Difference: Making Communities out of Strangers’. This session brought together work broadly concerned with geographies of diversity and questions of living with difference. The session sought to consider the methodological, the theoretical and the empirical ways in which studies on the geographies of difference can engage with debates concerning social class, ethnicity, age, migrant status, gender, religion, sexual orientation and disability.

The session aimd to consider the following questions:

– What opportunities are available for encountering difference?
– What types of encounter are sought or avoided and by whom?
– What are people’s experiences of discrimination or exclusion?
– At what sites do encounters with difference occur?
– What strategies do people use to deal with difference?
– What are the implications of the political event of EU enlargement for living
with difference?

Session presenters:-
1. Catherine Harris and Gill Valentine, University of Sheffield, UK, ‘Lived Experience: The Transmission of Attitudes Towards Difference
2. Jenny Olofsson – Umeå University, Sweden ‘A Sense of Belonging – Socia Integration among East European Immigrants in Sweden
3. Liv Raddatz – Temple University,  ‘Between Continuity and Change: Exploring Polish Migrants’ Experiences in the Labor Market of Berlin, Germany
4. Margarida Queiros – University of Lisbon, Portugal,  ‘Planning Spatial Equality and Diversity for Gender Equity in Municipalities

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