The Mobile University lectures

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Living with difference in Europe: Making communities out of strangers


Talk by Dr Ulrike M Vieten


The ‘Mobile University’ mini-lectures running on a route master bus in Sheffield intend to reach out to all people across the city. The ‘Mobile University’ concept takes into account that specialized academic knowledge should be accessible and communicated to those not familiar with the university or necessarily familiar with academic language.


On behalf of the LIVEDIFFERENCE team Ulrike Vieten gave a short lecture on Sunday the 29th of September, addressing the five layers of theme-led empirical studies and the scope of the overall research project. In addition, she introduced and discussed some quotes and emerging findings with respect to the controversial topic of ‘migration’ cutting across individual views on difference conducted in Leeds.


18 people of very different backgrounds joined Ulrike on the bus at 1.30pm despite still hot temperatures in late September. Ulrike initially familiarised the audience briefly with the notion of ‘meaningful contact’ (Valentine 2008) and also give some background information on institutional external funding for academic work (e.g. European Research Council/ ERC). The latter was of most interest to the audience as it turned out, wanting to know a bit more the EU in general, the post-2004   (im)migration to the UK  in particular, and also about the scale and numbers of migrants in Sheffield. Apparently, some were not aware that EU free movement offered choices to them (or their kids) too, enabling them to study, work or live in one of the other 27th EU countries.


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