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Following the International Conference on Living With Difference in September 2012, this webpage has been developed as a resource for anyone interested in developing new ways of “living with difference”. The Research Projects section lists research projects related to the issues of “living with difference”. The Publications section lists relevant publications and unpublished papers and, wherever possible, provides links to those publications.

If you would like to add any information to this website please contact Catherine Harris


Research Projects



Marco Antonsich (

Enzo Colombo (

  • Colombo, E. and Rebughini, P. (2012) Children of Immigrants in a Globalized World. A Generational Experience, Palgrave Macmillan

Ghazala Mir (

Suyra Monro (

Peter Dirksmeier (

Bart van Leeuwen (

Angharad Closs Stephens (

Nichola Wood (

  • Wood, N (2007) It’s Like an Instant Bond: Emotional Experiences of Nation, Primordial Ties and the Challenges of/for Diversity. The International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations 7, 3, 203-10.

Gill Valentine (

  • Valentine, G., Sadgrove J. [in press]. ‘Lived difference: an account of spatio-temporal processes of social differentiation’ submitted to Environment and Planning A.
  • Piekut A., Rees, P., Valentine, G., Kupiszwski, M., [in press]. Multidimensional diversity in two European cities: thinking beyond ethnicity. Environment and Planning A.
  • Andersson, J., Sadgrove, J., Valentine, G. (2012) Consuming campus: geographies of encounter at a British university. Social & Cultural Geography 13, 5: 501-515
  • Valentine, G. and Waite, L. (2012) Negotiating difference through everyday encounters: the case of sexual orientation and religion and belief. Antipode 44, 2: 478-494.
  • Andersson, J., Vanderbeck, R., Valentine, G., Ward, K., Sadgrove, J. (2011) New York Encounters: religion, sexuality, and the city. Environment and Planning A, 43,3: 618-33
  • Piekut A., Rees P., Valentine G. Kupiszewski M. (2011). The Tale of Two Cities: Diversity in Leeds and Warsaw. Working Paper 11/1. Working paper: Available online at: . School of Geography, University of Leeds.
  • Valentine, G., Holloway, S., Jayne, M. (2010). Contemporary cultures of abstinence and the nighttime economy: Muslim attitudes towards alcohol and the implications for social cohesion. Environment and Planning A, 42: 8-22
  • Valentine, G. (2010) Prejudice: Rethinking geographies of oppression. Social & Cultural Geography 11: 521-537.
  • Valentine, G., Sporton, D. and Nielsen, K. (2009) Identities and belonging: a study of Somali refugee and asylum seekers living in the UK and Denmark, Environment & Planning D: society & space, 27: 234-250.
  • Valentine, G. (2008) Living with difference: reflections on geographies of encounter. Progress in Human Geography 32: 321-335.
  • Valentine, G. (2007) Theorising and researching intersectionality: a challenge for feminist geography. Professional Geographer 59: 10-21.
  • Valentine. G., Skelton, T. (2007) The right to be heard: Citizenship and language. Political Geography 26, 121-140


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