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Published papers

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Special  issues edited by project team in progress

Jackson, L. Harris, C. and  Valentine, G. (eds.) Negotiating strange encounters: conceptualising conversations across difference – a special issue of the journal Social and Cultural Geography based on two sessions organised by the LIVEDIFFERENCE research team at the RGS/IBG Conference (August 2013).

Phillips, R.  and Valentine, G. (eds.) Meaningful encounters in diverse societies: conviviality, cosmopolitanism and curiosity – a special issue of Sociological Review based on the International Conference The Future of Social Relations: Prejudice and Togetherness in Times of Crisis organised by the LIVEDIFFERENCE research team (May 2014).

Vieten, U.M. and Valentine, G. (eds.) Urban spaces in crisis: mapping European practices of living with difference – a special issue of the journal City based on the International Conference Living with Difference organised by the LIVEDIFFERENCE research team (September 2012).


Books and book chapters

Gawlewicz, A. and Narkowicz, K. (in press) Islamophobia on the move: circulation of anti-Muslim prejudice between Poland and the UK, in Y. Suleiman (ed.) Muslims in the UK and Europe Cambridge: University of Cambridge Centre of Islamic Studies.

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ISBN: 978-0-415-85531-0

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Working Paper

Piekut A., Rees P., Valentine, G. and Kupiszewski, M. (2011). The Tale of Two Cities: Diversity in Leeds and Warsaw. Working Paper 11/1.  Available at-


Related Publications

Valentine, G., Vanderbeck R., Sadgrove, J., and Andersson, J. 2013. Producing moral geographies: the transnational dynamics of homophobia within a global faith network. Geographical Journal, 179, 2, 165-176.

Valentine, G. and Waite, L. 2012. Negotiating difference through everyday encounters: the case of sexual orientation and religion and belief. Antipode, 44, 2, 474-492

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Valentine, G., Sporton, D. and Nielsen, K. 2008. Language use on the move: sites of encounter, identities and belonging. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 33, 376-387. Translated into Polish and used by the Fundacja Forum na rzecz Różnorodności Społecznej (Foundation Forum for Social Diversity)  which has an initiative to provide support to teachers in public schools working with migrant and refugee children. As part of the program of specialized trainings about cross-cultural communication and practical tools/methods for running a multicultural classroom.

Holloway, S.L., Jayne, M. and Valentine, G. 2008. ‘Sainsbury’s is my local’: English alcohol policy, domestic drinking practices and the meaning of home. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 33, 532-547.

Valentine, G. and Skelton, T. 2007. The right to be heard: citizenship and language. Political Geography, 26, 121-140.


Related Research Projects

Divercities: governing urban diversity,

Addressing depression in Muslim communities: development of a treatment manual for professionals, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences

DieGem: Diversity, community and solidarity in Flanders (in Dutch), Ku Leuven University, Belgium


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